Miška & Mike From Kingston upon Hull, UK

12th July 2014

Castle wedding in Bojnice

Dear Brides-to- be…

If you are planning on having your “BIG Day” in amazing Slovakia and you are looking for a wedding planner/ agency who can help you to plan the most amazing wedding…then do not look any further!

Impuls Wedding Agency is the key to your wedding being exactly what you want it to be.

Dear Tatiana,

We would like to thank you for the most spectacular day of our lives. Our wedding was exactly as we imagined it…if not more!
From the first day we met in your office, We knew that you was the right person for us as we were exactly on the same wave length. If we are planning a wedding, it has to be vintage and traditional. Many people did not get us, but you knew exactly what we wanted.
Our co-operation was amazing.. everything was planned well in advance and felt absolutely stress free. It is very easy to get side tracked and carried away..but you was not only a planner but also a great guide. We fully enjoyed working with you and your amazing team.
All of our guests keep mentioning how privileged they felt to be a part of a wedding like ours.
We cant stress enough how amazing the whole team was..DJ went the extra mile and played our songs during our ceremony which we really appreciated. Moderator..what can I say, the wedding would not be the same without him. Our photographer was amazing..made us feel very relaxed during our shoot and was even a part of the ‘kiddnapping’ of the bride! Catering staff were very attentive, professional and the food was great!
Flower arrangements were out of this world…who knew anything like that was even possible.
once again, thank you very much for a wonderful day and for your professionalism. Without your positive attitude to make the impossible possible and an attention to detail in regards to everything, our wedding would never run so smooth and so stress free.

We would personally recommend Tatiana and the Implus Wedding Agency to anybody who is planning their wedding abroad. We believe you will not be disappointed.

With kind regards,

Miska & Mike

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